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5 Things you did not know about Nala

Nala might look like this adorable adventure cat but some of these facts will change that perception you have of her.

  • Her name shelter name was “Candy”🍭 but we weren’t gonna have a cat with a stripper’s name, so when we found out that Nala means “gift” in Swahili it was the perfect match for us

  • She is missing a whole bench of teeth 🦷(her the whole upper right jaws) because of that she often looks like a thug as it makes the tooth on the other side sticking out + she is also a really messy eater because of it

  • She is the biggest pillow thief in the world 🥷 almost every night Nala pushes one of us away from our pillow and then steal it by the time we wake up she sitting on our pillow like it’s her thrown and gives us the daring look !

  • She can sleep through anything 😴 evens through days of the worst gravel corrugated roads, like 4 days on the plenty highway !

  • Not sure if you ever witnessed a cat farting 🤢 but Nala is the biggest fatter in the family (and that saying a lot)

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