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Essential gear to start Cat Exploring

If you are thinking about taking up Cat-Exploring then you are probably wondering how to keep your kitty safe on adventures.

So we thought we would share with you all what we believe is essential to go outdoors with your cat as well as our favourite products out there

1: Harness

One that fits perfectly without restricting your Cat

There are so many different ones, make sure you are 100% happy yours before going outdoors, so try it on at home first

👉🏼Our favourite one is @supakitstore which is eco-friendly, waterproof, safe & yet stylish.

2: Leash

We prefer retractable leash, but that’s probably because of the kind of exploring we do !

However, we believe leashes over 5 metres are not safe, we prefer leash between 3 to 5 meters to keep an eye on Nala in case of emergency (some places don’t allow leashes over 5 meters)

👉🏼 @supakitstore one especially for cats, so less pulling, more walking.

3: Breakaway collar

In case your cat does get caught it will safely disconnect safely freeing your cat while still allowing for ID tag

👉🏼We currently use this one from @tsom

4: ID Tag

Make sure to have up to date contact details on your Cat’s ID tag

👉🏼We keep an extra one, in case Nala break away from her collar

(which still hasn’t happen but we never know)

5: GPS Tracker

They can be a bit pricey but there are options for everyone budgets & needs

👉🏼 We use @getfindster the only flaws it has for us is the size, but otherwise 👍🏻

6: Backpack/ Carrier/ Stroller

Which ever options you pick will provide a safe place for your Cat & a place to rest up, provide shade & keep your cat’s paw off hot ground.

👉🏼We did a lot of research before buying one & finally settled for @petamiusa backpack which we couldn’t recommend anymore, we love it 100% !

7: Water bottle

A pet friendly water bottle with bowl essential to keep hydration up

8: Treats

Creamy treats if hot as they help regulate Kitty’s temperature

9: Bio degradable poo bag

Now even if cats do cover up their 💩we believe it is the right thing to collect & dispose of them appropriately.

10: First Aid Kit for Cat

👉🏼 Check @travfurler or with your Vet

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