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How to find Cat Friendly accomodations ?

If you are like us you can't bare to think about leaving your best bud behind while going on holidays you probably have had the headache of finding pet-friendly accomodations.

So we thought we would give you some of the tips we have to help us find pet friendly accomodations.

🔸Official pet friendly accomodation

1: Search for pet friendly accomodation in @petfriendlyaustralia,, @airbnb

2: Check to ensure their pet-friendly policy extend to cats (you would be surprised how many consider themselves « pet friendly » but aren’t actually welcoming cats

3: Make sure you ask if the pet is welcomed inside the property, again you will be surprised how many accomodation like to stick the « pet-friendly » sticker on their website but don’t allow pets inside and well no every pet owner is willing to leave their pet sleep outdoor

(especially depending on the pet)

4: Ensure there is no extra cost due to bringing your pet, some accomodation will charge you extra and no one like surprises on the spot so make sure you check before hand

5: If you want pet friendly accomodation to be available in the futur be a good representative for all pet owners and leave the accomodation undamaged, not out of the ordinary dirty, ensure your pet is not disturbing other guest and so on.

🔸Unofficially pet friendly

By this I mean if you can’t find a pet friendly accomodation that pleases you and so decide trying convincing other to welcome you and your pet

(most likely through Airbnb)

1: Contact the owner to let them know that you are really interested in their property and why you would prefers their property to another one

2: Ensure you inform the owner that you have noticed the property is not pet friendly but were wondering if by any changes they would be willing to welcome you and your pet , if so would there be any cost but that you completely understand their no pet policy is strict

3: Provide as much information as possible about your pet to help the owner decide

  • Include a truthful description about your pet, how often he/she has travelled, their personality and so on

  • Add your pet’s bio in your (Airbnb) profile

  • Inform the owner about where to find « reviews » from previous owner who have welcomed you and your pet

  • Reassure the owner by reinforcing the fact that they wouldn’t need to provide anything extra

  • Provide the owners with your pet’s social media

4: Once in the property keep the owner reassured but informing him that you have well checked in and everything is great and your pet is adapting so well to the property (a « once again thank you » is also a good idea), make sure that your pet is behaving like he/she should and is not disturbing anyone.

5: When leaving ensure that you handover a property in great condition, better than usual (we usually start a load of washing, towel, sheets and so on for the owners as this takes a long time to happen it probably saves the owner an hour or so). The reason is simple, if you and your pet had a great stayed and that by having had you over the owner had gain monetary value but no extra work, then the owner is most likely to rethink their pet friendly policy and might officially became a pet friendly accomodation in the future.

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