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How to get your campervan ready for your Cat ?

Dreaming about #Vanlife but cant bare thinking about leaving your best bud behind?

Well good news you don't have too & in fact we are sharing some hot tips with you on that matter.

1: Food & Water 💦 Use containers that comes with lids, the reason being that if you don’t have lids whatever is in the bowls will 100% be outside of them after a couple of hours on the road, so you would need to pack it away everytime you want to go somewhere. Lids make the whole process easier & quicker 2: Litter ✨ Enclose the litter box into a piece of furniture, if you can create a cabby hole underneath the couch, or the bed then that’s your best options. By doing so, you won’t have to to keep putting away while you drive, it will reduce the amount of litter your Cat scatters around & it will keep some of the smell away from your nose. Fun Fact: Nala likes to go outside but sometimes the soil is too hard for her to dig. So we got a little gardening shovels so we can “pre‑dig” the soil for her & use plant based poppy bag to pick it up She also has a litter box I closed within the couch.👑 3: Scratcher 🐾 Your Cat will have a great time scratching trees outdoor, but what about the 8 hours you will spend sleeping? The best way is to create a scratcher on a piece of furniture you already have. Fun Fact: We Simply covered the table foot with some glue, ran over a thick rope & thats was a job done! 4: Sleeping 💤 Your Cat might appreciate having one designated bed just for them instead of sharing your bed all the time. This one will depend if your Cat’s personality. You could install a cat hammock on a window or create a cabby hole for your Cat to hide underneath the couch . Fun Fact: Nala has a Closet fetish, so we got a wicker basket & we use it for our dirty linen. Nala loves it, the fuller the basket the better ! 5: Create a Safe Place 😇 A place to contain your Cat while you keep the vehicles door open while you set up camp for example. If you have one single space, you gonna need to be creative & brainstorm on how to close one part off. Fun Fact: I’ve used the closet door as a way to close off the bedroom, with a latch, some hocks & a net, the bedroom can now contain Nala safely.

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