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How to go Cat-Exploring in summer ?

If like us you live in a country that goes into scorching hot temperature you might wonder how to go cat-exploring in summer, well ... Change the way you Explore 🎒

1: Avoid completely open place 🌳 Opt for more sheltered & shaded areas. Opt for forest walks rather than a Hike in the Outback. Why not even check indoor places to explore (pet stores, cafes or restaurants)? 2: Avoid the time of day that is the warmest 🔥 Instead go explore early morning or late afternoon. Why not catch a sunrise or sunset too ? Chances are at this time of the day, you will encounter less people on your adventures too, which could mean less dog encounters 3: Avoid exposing your Cat to heat & sun for a long period of time 🕶 Opt for shorter walks rather than long hikes to keep your cat out exposed to the element too long but also reduce the energy spent walking. less time catexploring 4: Remember to check the floor temperature 🌡 So that your best friends don’t burn theirs paws & make sure you have your cat backpack in case it is . 4: Allow yourself some days at home 🏠 There are plenty of things to do at home with your kitty 5: Be prepared ⛑ ‑Cat backpack (so kitty can rest, recuperate and stay away from hot floor) ‑Carry plenty of water & collapsible bowl (to ensure kitty stays hydrated but also in case you need to wet a towel and wet your best friends’ paw beans, head & body to help regulate their temperature) ‑Sunscreen, especially to protect noise & hears. Make sure to check wether the motion is toxic to cat & purchase appropriate one at a pet store ‑Cooling mat (works wonder to cool off kitty) ‑Carry creamy treats, that will help your Cat stay hydrated ‑Know the sign of dehydration ‑Research Vets nearby in case of dehydration or emergency ⚠️ Summer hair cut 💇‍♀️ Each and every Cat respond differently to summer hair cuts. For some Cats it’s the greatest thing. However, others may be more prone to sunburns because of it or even loses their ability to regulate their temperature. So before jumping to the logical thought that less fur means being cooler make sure you visit your vet and seek professional advice. ⛔️ DONT LEAVE YOUR CAT IN YOUR CAR

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