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How to harness train your cat ?

If you planing on joining the Adventure Cat movement, you are most definitely gonna need to harness train your cat so that you can create amazing memories together safely.

So here is how to get your cat used to this.

1. Introduction 👋🏼 Let your Cat familiarise itself with the smell & texture of this new object

2. Harnessing Your Cat 😸 Put the harness on your cat but don’t fastened it just yet. Then move on to fastening the harness on your kitty. Use positive behaviour reinforcement each time your kitty is cooperative. 💭Many cats will flop & play dead the first times they wear a harness. It’s because Cats don’t realise they can move while wearing a harness, but they will understand with time. We recommend to play with them to distract them.

3. Harness training at Home 🏠 Have a dedicated time for harness training at home & keep at it (consistency is 🔑) A short session each day works best, but slowly increase the amount of time your cat wears the harness.

4. Leash on 🪢 Get you Cat familiarised with not only having a harness on but a lead too, before taking you Cat outdoor.

5. Let’s go outside 🐾 Start small, your garden or appartement corridor. We recommend choosing a place somewhat familiar & with the least possible distractions at first. 💭if you go to a park, chose one with the least distraction possible (wildlife, noise etc) We only recommend that you take them somewhere less familiar like a park once your Cat has established that its backpack or carrier is a safe place so that kitty always has this to fall back if uncomfortable at any point.

5. Build confidence 💪🏼 Slowly increase the amount of time you spend outside together. Slowly, change locations & increase the amount of distractions. 💭Always bring their safe place with you🎒

6. Consistency 🔑 Consistency is key. Don’t allow your Cat to forget all the progress it has made, let them remember the skills & confidence they have picked up by not allowing too much time between each Cat Exploring sessions

⚠️ Always let kitty decide what to do, watch them to see if they become uneasy, uncomfortable or unhappy exploring & if so don’t force them to continue the training session. Let them return to their safe place & find inner peace again

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