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How to still visit National Parks while travelling with a Pet ?

For those of you from overseas you might not know this but pets are not allowed in Australian National Parks

So if you don’t wanna miss out on Australian National Parks but want to be a responsible pet owner here are some of our tips ;)

✨Hitch a ride

You would be surprised how many people have offered us a ride / to share their day with us so that we could leave both Nala & Pumbaa (our Bus) outside the National Park & yet be able to go explore our surroundings.

The best part about this is that we have created so many amazing friendships that way 🧡

✨Book yourself a tour !

Most iconic Australian National Parks such as Uluṟu, The Whitsundays, Fraser Island & many others offer a once in a lifetime experience, or day tours, so why not treat yourself & blame your pet for the expense ?!

✨ Overnights stays !

Now if we want to spend a few days visiting a specific National Park then we really don’t have a choice & we have to leave Nala in a cattery … 🥹

Unfortunately, leaving Nala in a cattery nearby a National Park is not always feasible due to the extremely remote location of some of them such as Karijini

So what to do in this situations ?

✨ Ask your Community !!

Join the local community Facebook Page & ask whether or not there is anyone willing to care for your pet while you are away !

Obviously don’t trust everybody & anybody, do your due diligence & homework’s on potential carers !

🧡 This is what we did to Visit Karijini & we will most likely do that again as we have had a very positive experience so far !

💭 Are you lucky enough to live in a country that allows pets in National Parks ?

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