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Nala's story

We thought we would let Nala tell you her story herself, so here we go.

"Let me re-introduce myself & my adoption story, after all tI (Nala) am the Star of this show !!

When I was about 7 I spent time in a shelter &

that where I met Mum for the first time ;)

I knew instantly she was the one for me, so when she opened my pen I was ALL over her, purring like a maniac, giving her the biggest head bumps ever & gave her no choice but to take me home ;)

Once at home my #pawrents quickly realised that even though I wanted to be loved I had some trauma & was terrified of most things …

I drove them nuts hidding in the most unsual places 🙈

So to help me understand that I was finally safe & come out of my shell they had the 💡 to create “bed igloos” meaning that every morning they would arrange the pillows on the bed as an “igloo”, they did this for months & slowly I started associating their scent with safety 🙌🏼

They also did their best to fatten me up which wasn’t easy as I have a whole bunch of missing teeth & stomach issues but they successfully made me gain an healthy weight !

Fast forwarding to a year later all the sudden I started to hear my Parents talking about sth called #vanlife … I thought they were mad when they told me it meant we were all gonna live within 12 m2 & that they were gonna “harness train me” 🤯

They had created such a cushy life for me at home, why did they want me to go in the scary outside world ?! but they reminded me that with them by my sides I was safe anywhere & could accomplished anything !

They also spent a long time making sure Pumbaa (our #van ) was adapted for me

They made me a cabby hole that’s extra insulated

& sound proof, they turned their table foot into a scratcher which they actually call my “stripper pole” coz when I claw my front paws on top of it I wiggle my bottom like someone named “Candy”

(apparently that used the be my “shelter name”)😂

But the best thing they did is to never pressure me into doing anything I didn’t want to do !

We have now been on the road for 2 years & have had the best time going on scooter rides, boat rides, paddle boarding, island hopping, seen so much wildlife & country 🙌🏼"

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