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Nala the Beach Cat - The reality

Nala’s confidence around water has improved exponentially to the point that we bought her a little life jacket that we are hoping to test on a kayaking adventure as soon as we get out of croc country, but the reality is that having a confident kitty at the beach did not happen overnight in fact here are some reminders.

💦 We started with small amount of water & as little current as possible, such as pound and lakes & then moved on to rivers and oceans

🐈 We listen to Nala

Her favourite times to go exploring are early morning or close to sunset

(there is no point trying any other time)

🌬 We know her triggers

Nala can’t stand wind and her dislike for it is even stronger at the beach, I mean after all she is so low she must be chewing on sand when it’s windy

👀 The introduction was slow

We slept by the beach as often as possible (no matter the season) for Nala to get familiar with the sight of water, sound and smell but from the her safe place, Pumbaa

👌🏼 Sometimes even when all the stars aligns giving us prime condition for such activity Nala doesn’t want to go and it’s ok

🚌 We road tripped the Australian Coastline for about 10 months and every opportunity we had was used to build Nala’s confidence & it paid off !

💭 Have you ever taken your cat to the beach ?

How did your cat respond the first time ?

Do you have any tip ?

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