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Nala the Shoulder Cat or the Laziest Adventure Cat ever 💤

Many people ask us how we trained Nala to sit on our shoulder like that #shouldercat

Well, sorry to disappoint you but we don’t have any tips for you guys, because we did not train Nala to do that, it happen “accidentally”

One day on a walk in Victoria Nala decided she was done walking & we did not have her backpack at the time (rookie mistake) 🙈

After waiting a while for Nala to get her energy back up, I very generously offered her a ride on my shoulders & she absolutely loved it, she just understood how to sit comfortably there from the get go (not saying she never sled backwards coz she certainly did a number of time) 😂

But guess what, it’s now biting us in the A** because she now knows that she doesn’t need to walk anywhere, so she’ll take 2 steps outside, pretend to be already tired & wait for her ride like she is waiting on her Uber 😇

💭Are you also part of the #shouldercatcrew ?

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