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The reality of Vanlife

Vanlife can be so romanticised on the gram and one of the most valid reason for it is that almost of Vanlifers will at some point or another sell their previous home on wheel.

You wouldn’t go online “trashing” your home before selling it, would you ?

Well same for Vanlifers.

After two years on the road we have had our fair share of challenges that made this journey a true adventure, here are some of them.

💧 Ran out of water crossing the Nullarbor

Then filled up our tank with salted bore water (still in the Nullarbor), this lastest a total of 2 days under 35C heat

🐭 Over the Mice Plague we picked up a total of 10 mice & a rat.

They would get in the bus and make themselves at home in the ceiling’s lining, meaning we would hear them walking and nibbling over our head in bed

☔️ Rained so hard in FNQ it ripped the paint away from the bus

🚰 Our Sink fell off while on the plenty Highway (aka a 4 days corrugated dirt road)

💡 The electrical technical issue that stops the bus from starting more mornings that we would like

🧰 Had to stop so many times in the Alpes to let our breaks cool down

🐍 We lost count of how many we almost stepped on a Brown

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