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Walking a cat misconceptions edition

Walking a cat on a leash is attached to so many misconceptions and since we have first hand experience in doing so we thought let's unpack them together!

🔸“It’s cruel to walk a cat on a leash as they don’t need it”

(This one always lit up a fire in me)

Alright first at all it is far from cruel if the cats enjoys it, if the cats is not drag (please never do that), if the cat is not extremely pushed outside its comfort zone and out in highly stressful situations.

Like walking a dog on a leash there is an appropriate way to do so that give pleasure to the animal without harm (from heat, dehydration, stress, fatigue and so)

Secondly, the reality is that our house cats are bored ! Cats like any animals need physical activity & mental stimulation which they might not be receiving enough off inside & letting your cat roam freely outdoor is irresponsible.

Now most of us have experience some kind of life in lockdown so we should understand the need for any animal to feel the fresh air on their checks & stretch their leg as pet owners we should be able to provide them with a safe way to do so

🔸 « Cats don’t like harness »

I can see why some people would think that as most cat flop the first time they wear a harness but it’s simply because they don’t understand they can still move, so first make sure you select the right harness for your cat’s body type & personality, then undertake “harness training” & build you cat’s confidence (check out our link in bio for a direct link to our free guide)

Ps: we recommend

🔸 « Cats walk on leash behaves doglike »

This couldn’t be further from the truth, cats like to stop and sniff every piece of grass and flowers, so arm yourself with patience be prepared to go at your cat rythme & carry your cat from times to times (never drag your cat ! )

🔸 « Cats get scared too easily by people, dogs, noise, movement & so on »

Some cats might react to their environment more strongly than other but it doesn’t mean that you can’t build you cat’s confidence about the outdoors.

Nala used to be a skittish cat but over time with appropriate “training” we built her confidence right up & she is now a true explorer !

(Check our link in bio for our tips on confidence building)

🔸 « Older cats are not trainable »

This couldn’t be further from the truth, our Nala was about 7 YO when we started training her & she has just bloomed into a true explorer over the years and many of our friends are “older” explorer cats as well !

⭐️ « Poo bags are for dog only »

None like walking into 💩 no matter where it came from, it’s a matter of respect for others so pick it up. Plus it can transmit diseases to other animals so if again just pick it up.

We love our poo bag as they are biodegradable & come in a cute & practical holder

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