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Free Cat Training Guides

Hello, my cool Cats,


We are Julie, Daniel & Nala from @Somewhat.Gypsea


We have just completed our Lap of Australia


As you imagine road-tripping Australia for two years with Nala we have learned valuable tips &

gain priceless first-hand experience on how to Travel with a cat.


Too valuable to keep for ourselves, so if you are looking for some hot tips on

how to join the Adventure Cat Movement these FREE GUIDES are for you!


We hope they inspire & help you the same our Community Inspired us to Start Exploring ; )

Ps: These guides are completely FREE & Accessible here on our WEBSITE or you can even DOWNLOAD them 


1: How to get started with Cat exploring 


2: Essential gear to start Cat Exploring 



3: How to harness train your cat


4: How to teach your cat to love its carrier 


5: How to teach your cat to love car rides

6: How to prep your Van for your Cat


7: How to handle stressful situations


8: How to bond with your cat


9: How to go Cat-Exploring in Summer 

10: How to sleep train your cat 

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